Such small

Such small Meat should be subjected to long culinary processing.

Cut food on small slices.

The size of a slice of the prepared product should be size about a nail of a thumb of the child.

Such small size of slices of food will prevent their hit in a throat as swallowing will not cause difficulties.

To age of months the child can finally lose interest to a dairy mix or chest feeding.

To children who have refused a breast or a small bottle, daily it is necessary to offer tablespoons of albuminous products.

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Call the doctor

Call the doctor Symptoms of an enterovirusny infection are diverse and depend on a form and illness localization.

The main symptoms, characteristic for all types of an enterovirusny infection, are body temperature increase; the expressed weakness; irritability; appetite violation.

What to do.

If you suspected an enterovirusny infection at the kid, offer the kid bigger amount of liquid.

After each feeding boil nipples, small bottles, spoons, plates which the child used.

When to call the doctor.

Call the doctor as soon as there was a suspicion on existence of a virus infection.

In hard cases of a course of a disease hospitalization in infectious office of children's hospital is necessary.

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It appeared

It appeared Indigo children About these children started talking at the end of the last century when began to watch children born from HIV the infected parents.

It appeared that these children did not get their illness from parents and even showed the surprising abilities, created to them glory.

It appeared later that there is a lot of such children and among other groups of the population.

Indigo children are born worldwide at different parents.

In modern society of such children already there is a lot of.

Almost in each class there are indigo children.

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Thus the adult

Thus the adult Later is closer by years becomes possible to organize game of children structure of participants.

Thus the adult helps, imperceptibly directs game.

In games with contemporaries at the child there is an additional incentive of development of speech, it has an opportunity to apply the skills in a new situation.

However quite often it happens so that in an unfamiliar situation to a playground, on a visit, etc.

, at communication with unfamiliar people as adults, and children the child is lost and not able to apply fulfilled on occupations mind a niya to use the new speech possibilities fully That it is not less necessary not only increase a speech arsenal of the child, but also gradually to expand the sphere of its application.

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At children

At children It is interesting to them to adopt cunning at a fox, quickness and love to the family at the hare, dreadfulness at a wolf etc.

In such displays performances children study a right choice of actions, the acts, expedient use of subjects.

At children the positive behavior a caring attitude to relatives, need to protect the toys is formed, to be attentive to the senior members of the family.

To complicate for children game, adults resort to different methods, for example displays performances.

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